DHI Whistleblower Portal

At DHI, we believe that an ethical business culture is the cornerstone of a sustainable company. Accordingly, in the DHI group, we are committed to ethical and responsible business practices and compliance with relevant laws and regulations in the countries where we operate. The DHI Whistleblower Portal (https://www.dhigroup.com/about-us/corporate-social-responsibility/responsible-business-practices/dhi-corporate-whistleblower-portal) is your possibility for filing a confidential report on inappropriate or illegal conduct in the DHI Group. You can quickly and easily report concerns about actual or suspected misconduct to help protect DHI’s integrity by raising concerns using the online reporting system. On the portal you can find more information on the Whistleblower Scheme, how to file a report and on the processing of reports made. Please refer to our Whistleblower Policy (https://www.dhigroup.com/about-us/corporate-social-responsibility/responsible-business-practices/dhi-corporate-whistleblower-portal/whistleblower-policy) for further information on confidentiality, processing of reports and personal data. The Whistleblower Portal can be used by employees, business partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders with an affiliation to DHI. If you are an employee at DHI, we encourage you to consult our Code of Conduct (https://www.dhigroup.com/-/media/shared content/dhi/flyers and pdf/code-of-conduct-dhi.pdf) for guidance on our ethical business culture. You can always report concerns to management as described in the Code of Conduct. If you’re not comfortable raising concerns with management, you may report your concern via the DHI Whistleblower Portal. Business partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders of DHI are asked to consult the Code of Conduct for business partners (https://www.dhigroup.com/-/media/shared content/dhi/flyers and pdf/code-of-conduct-business-partners.pdf). In order to facilitate the further investigation please provide as much information as you can. It is also possible to upload files, copies of documents etc.

Any concern reported will be sent to representatives from our external Board of Directors, who are independent of the daily management of DHI. They will initiate an investigation of the matter reported and reports will be kept strictly confidential. The DHI Audit Committee will monitor and deal with any reported concerns. You can choose to remain strictly anonymous, however we encourage you to provide your name in the report. Regardless of whether you do so or not, please keep communication lines open by creating a password after reporting a concern – you will automatically be directed to a secure page to create your password after submitting your report. This makes it easier to communicate in a confidential and anonymous way. The communication channel allows you and the investigating Board Member to engage with the case, perhaps asking clarifying questions which almost always results in a more successful outcome. Check in with your password after a week. All communication between you and the representatives from the Board of Directors is encrypted and not accessible to anyone else. The DHI Whistleblower reporting system is hosted on BlueWhale secure servers. Thereby the reporting system is not part of DHI’s websites or intranet. Accordingly, if you choose to remain anonymous, neither DHI nor the webservice provider BlueWhale will have any means of tracking or identifying you. No cookies, IP address or similar is stored. There will be no retaliation or implications for any person making any such reports.